We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Evangelos Sipsas, correspondent of the international news agency CGTN Europe, at our premises. The subject of our discussion was olive tourism, a growing agrotourism trend in our country.

Our company presented its olive tourism programs in 2019 shortly before the first quarantine began. As we mentioned to Mr. Sipsas, our team took creative advantage of the first quarantine and developed the first virtual reality video about olive oil production, in Greece.

We want to present a unique experience to our visitors so that they can learn about Greek extra virgin olive oil. We take them on a tour in one of our family’s olive groves. There we discuss the different olive varieties we have in Greece and the cultivation process.

Then we visit our family oil mill where we present our production line to them! Here comes the most exciting part. After sitting in our specially designed tasting room, they put on a virtual reality mask and “travel” through time to see all the stages of the product’s production.

At the end we present them our award-winning products and of course they taste them all!

In our opinion it is very important that more and more companies engage in oil tourism. In this way we will be able to “create” ambassadors of Greek extra virgin olive oil in international markets.

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